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About Me

I am a software developer, self-taught from a young age and degree educated, with experience spanning 17 years. Between 2004 and 2012 I was primarily involved in a mobile communications start-up based in Cambridge (UK) whose main product is .NET enterprise grade “shrink-wrap” server-side products. In the summer of 2012 I left this start-up and moved myself to Central London to pursue new ventures.

Keywords that describe me, as a software developer


I hold highly specialist and hard earnt knowledge in areas of SMS text messaging, GSM 03.38 standards and SMPP wire protocol. Together with the end-to-end development of full featured high-performance ESME/SMPP stacks and fully automated two-way SMS business process applications. If you are an organisation seeking a specialist consultant in these areas then you need not look any further!

Contract Work

I may be available to hire for contract work (or even a permanent position!). Obviously this depends upon my current commitments. I am based both near Cambridge and in Greater London.

Contact Me

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